Our Mission

The One Eighty Foundation is passionately committed to improving the lives of children and families – to give when there are needs, to mentor when guidance is sought, and to create opportunities for better lives.

Our Commitment

The board at the One Eighty Foundation is comprised of a dynamic group of individuals with a strong desire to positively impact the lives of children in our community. We focus on children and families facing a wide range of challenges—from special needs or abuse to foster care or homelessness—and turn those challenges into opportunities. We align ourselves and support organizations with the same beliefs as ours in an effort to educate and provide nurturing tools to children to help them find their way into a safe and healthier future.

A New Direction in Giving

At the One Eighty Foundation, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all way of giving. We tailor our support based on the needs of the community and organization. Whether it’s a monetary grant for educational programming, giving our time to help paint and restore a shelter or cook and provide hot meals to the hungry, providing career styling sessions for graduates that have participated in education programs, or donating toys or necessities to make the children feel equal to their peers. Our efforts and commitments make immediate positive impact on the families and children that we serve.

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